FoxFury Nomad NOW 24-Hour 3300 Lumen Scene Light 200-400-102
FoxFury Nomad NOW 24-Hour 3300 Lumen Scene Light 200-400-102

FoxFury Nomad NOW 24-Hour 3300 Lumen Scene Light 200-400-102

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The FoxFury Nomad® NOW is a compact and versatile scene light with a built-in carry handle. It can function as a lantern or be mounted to a tripod or magnet to deliver up to 3300 lumens of field lighting. This cordless rechargeable LED light can operate as a spotlight or flood light (by sliding the diffuser lens) with a run time of up to 24 hours. The NOW has instant light activation and is ideal for situations where speed/compactness/portability and working hands-free is key. This versatile light can be included in search and rescue/field maintenance/emergencies (like blackouts and EMS) and disaster response.

The FoxFury Nomad® NOW is easy to transport and needs no cords or generators. This makes it easy to move and permissible to use indoors/outdoors or even submerged underwater. Powered by an internal rechargeable Li-ion battery system the NOW provides three modes of light; low/medium/and high setting - enabling the user to adjust the light intensity according to the situation.

The Nomad® NOW is tripod mountable and can also be hung or placed on the ground. The included magnet mount can be used to mount the Nomad® NOW to metal surfaces including vehicles and buildings. This ultra-rugged light works in any weather and is waterproof and impact resistant and even meets NFPA fire resistant requirements. At 4.5 lbs (2 kg) it is lightweight enough to be carried by any individual and compact enough to store multiple units in a carry-on suitcase. First responders/industrial professionals and photographers around the globe rely on the Nomad® NOW for lighting on the go.

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