Vertigo Drones Warranty

Industry Leading Service
We have years of experience and our customers have trusted us thousands of times to ensure their downed sUAS systems are methodically returned to mission capable. Our repair methodology is meticulous as it is efficient with repair times averaging 3-5 business days.

Tested and Calibrated by Trained Technicians
All repairs preformed in our facility are quality controlled by senior technicians before we return the units to you. We guarantee your unit is fully tested and ready to fly when it returns.

Service Speed
Most repairs are completed in 3-5 business days once arriving to our facility. We also offer faster service options for time sensitive circumstances.

Free 2-Way Shipping
We send a pre-paid UPS return label for your unit eliminating the high shipping prices and long waits at stores.

No Hassle Repairs Covered Per Year
A repair is considered a unit that is damaged, or needs software calibration to return to function OR a unit that is sent in for any reason even if no defect is detected. Cosmetic imperfections are not covered.

Additional Repairs 50% Off Labor
Any additional repairs not covered during the coverage term of One (1) or two (2) years will have labor discounted at 50%.

One Free Annual Tune Up
Our trained technicians will perform a full inspection of all mechanical and electrical systems. If any defect is found 1 of any remaining repair services will be used. In the event no repair services are remaining, a 50% discount will be applied to any labor.

Firmware Upgrade Service
A firmware upgrade will be completed by our trained technicians and the unit fully tested to ensure operational.

One Next Day Advance Replacement Per Year
For Platinum Service Plans, we will send a replacement unit Next Day Air to ensure no work stoppage as a result of a mishap. All request are required to be submitted before 3pm ET on regular business days.
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