Welcome to Vertigo Drones – one of the best sources for commercial and consumer grade UAVs in the United States. Founded in April of 2016 by a service-disabled veteran, Vertigo Drones combines aviation experience with product expertise to assist every one of our customers. Every member of our staff is Part 107 certified and has extensive knowledge on our drone catalog down to the individual components. We serve as Yuneec’s only authorized service and repair center in the United States and perform thousands of warranty and non-warranty repairs each year. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we go above and beyond to exceed expectations. Whether you are in the market for a new drone, or just need help with an issue, our team is standing by to help in any way we can! 

Our team members bring much to the table with years of experience in many different fields including:

  • Military aviation logistics experience
  • Military rotary aviation, Flight, Diagnostics, Avionics, Maintenance and Operations experience
  • NavAir (Naval FAA) compliance experience
  • Private piloting experience
  • Electrical Engineering Degrees
  • Computer Engineering Degrees
  • Graphic Design Degrees
  • Part 107 Certifications

Vertigo Drones Leadership Team

Andrew Lake Founder/CEO
Andrew Lake

Andrew Lake served as a Marine in the United States Military for 10 years and completed tours in the middle east. Once out of the military Andrew studied electrical engineering at the University of Rochester. While attending school full time, Andrew founded Ingenious Ingenuity in January 2014 and Vertigo Drones in April of 2016. With flight diagnostics, avionics, maintenance and operations experience; Andrew was able to use his unique skill set to lay the framework for Vertigo Drones. Andrew currently serves as the company's Chief Executive Officer.

Joe Celestino
Joe Celestino
Chief of Operations

Joe Celestino grew up in Rochester, NY and graduated from Greece Athena High School in 2007. Joe received his BFA from Buffalo State College and then went on to study for his MFA at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Joe joined the team in March of 2016 and currently serves at the company's Chief Operating Officer, overseeing all internal operations. With extensive experience in the drone industry, Joe is a valuable member of the team.

Vertigo Drones works with customers across many different industries.

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