Yuneec CGOET Thermal Camera

About Us

A Letter from Our CEO.

It's not very often a retailer will put profit aside and thank their customers but we want to continue to exceed your expectations. 2016 was a good year for our company and more importantly a great year for you, our customers.

As early adopters, you risked the status quo. You placed an expensive bet that a new technology would enhance your capabilities whether for recreation, capturing your family's unique experiences from new perspectives or gaining a competitive edge in your profession. From everyone in this new industry, I thank you.

Thank you through the product shortages as refinements were made in the factory. Thank you for being patient when an 'improvement' to the firmware/software may have unintended consequences. Thank you for your constant feedback where improvement opportunities existed. Above all else, thank you for making us your choice for products, parts and service when it matters most.

We're the Professionals

You may have wondered why we adopted the slogan "We're the Professionals" and why we constantly exceed your expectations.

On our team we have members with:

  • Military aviation logistics experience
  • Military rotary aviation; Flight, Diagnostics, Avionics, Maintenance and Operations experience
  • NavAir (Naval FAA) compliance experience
  • Private Piloting experience
  • Electrical Engineering Degrees
  • Computer Engineering Degrees
  • Graphic Arts Degrees

Associations With:

  • Local Colleges' Engineering Departments
  • Private and Academic Drone Clubs
  • Rochester International Airport FAA accredited certification program

We are always developing new partnerships locally, nationally and internationally to help our partners succeed.

#1 Non-DJI Drone Specific Website

Vertigo Drones is a subsidiary of Ingenious Ingenuity Inc. and since its launch in April 2016 we have refined our operations eliminating error and unnecessary delays becoming the #1 Non-DJI Drone specific website on the internet (according to several third-party website relevancy rankings).

You depend on us to fulfill our promise to get the tools you need delivered in the timeframe requested. Whether it is to go on a family vacation, personal recreation or commercial endeavor we know when an order is placed it could be life changing if it does not arrive on time. This is how we operate daily and will continue in the future.

I (we) appreciate your business and hope to continue to earn it in the future. 

The Road Ahead

In the coming month(s) expect an expansion in the industry larger than anything we have seen yet. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will undoubtedly bring jaw dropping advances in technology and new applications for drones we never thought possible. I promise we will be there every step of the way ensuring you are the first to experience this new tech once it is made available to the public.

Thanks again!

-Andrew Lake
Ingenious Ingenuity Inc.
DBA. Vertigo Drones, Up Ad Space