Dedrone RF-300 Drone Tracking RF Sensor
Dedrone RF-300 Drone Tracking RF Sensor

Dedrone RF-300 Drone Tracking RF Sensor

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1 Year RF Sensor License [+$15,000.00]
3 Year RF Sensor License [+$38,250.00]
5 Year RF Sensor License [+$52,500.00]
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The Dedrone RF-300 Anti-Drone RF Classification Sensor with Direction Finding detects, classifies, and localizes drones and remote controls via multiple, integrated software-defined radios (SDRs). Detection range can reach up to 1 mile, depending on installation and environment characteristics.

The Dedrone RF-300 Anti-Drone RF Sensor is best for:
- Early detection of drones, even before they take off
- Classification of drone characteristics and incident logging
- Understanding how many drones intrude into the airspace
- Localizing and tracking of drones and pilots

The Dedrone RF-300 RF Sensor requires the 1 Year, 3 Year or 5 Year license, which all include DroneTracker software, on-going feature enhancements, DroneDNA updates, and support for 1 RF-300 RF Sensor.

One RF-300 RF Sensor will cover an area of 120 degrees. Three RF-300 RF sensors needed for full 360 degree coverage.

Basic installation included with purchase of each unit.*

*Basic installation includes assurance that unit is in working condition. Specific installation will include additional costs calculated on a case by case basis.

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