DJI Matrice 30T (M30T) Series CP.EN.00000383.01
DJI Matrice 30T (M30T) Series CP.EN.00000383.01

DJI Matrice 30T (M30T) Series CP.EN.00000383.01

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Introducing the new DJI Matrice 30T - one of the most compact and feature filled enterprise drones on the market. The M30T series integrates a 48MP 1/2'' CMOS sensor zoom camera with a 5x-16x optical zoom that also features a 200x digital zoom capability. The 12MP wide-angle camera can capture photos in 8K or 4K video at 30 frames per second. The laser range finder provides precise coordinates for objects up to 3937 feet (1200 meters) away. Additionally - the M30T also features a 640x512 radiometric thermal camera. This platform was designed to withstand the harshest of environments and features an Ingress Protection rating of IP55 with an operating temperature -4 to 122 °F (-20 to -50°C). Equipped with a long list of safety features - this package includes a low-light lens for nighttime operations and built-in redundancies and backup systems - including the ability to land with three working motors in the event something goes wrong during flight. The four-antenna OcuSync 3 transmission system and LTE link support backup allows you to retain connection in complex terrains and working conditions. The M30T series comes equipped with all the advanced features of the Matrice 300 in a compact airframe that is slightly larger than a Mavic Enterprise - making it one of the best commercial solutions for professionals across the board.

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