Yuneec H520
Yuneec E50 Distortion Free Camera - All Glass 50mm Lens for the H520

Yuneec E50 Distortion Free Camera - All Glass 50mm Lens for the H520

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The Yuneec E50 Camera
The medium focal length lens on the Yuneec E50, a gimbal stabilized camera, allows pilots to fly further away from an object of inspection, reducing risk. Flying further away reduces impact of turbulence and wind shear generated by the inspection object.

Precision Asset Inspection
The E50 is ideal for critical inspection of cell towers, wind turbines, oil & gas platforms and other vertical assets. The 40mm equivalent lens enables the E50 to capture important visual detail while maintaining a safe distance from the asset. This additional distance allows the H520 airframe to avoid air turbulence providing for a more stable hover leading to dramatically clearer images.

Aerial Cinematic Capture
Broadcast and production professionals will appreciate the cinematic effect afforded by the E50’s 40mm prime lens equivalent focal length. Capture the subject from a safe distance and improve flight stability yielding smoother, clearer video and images.

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