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Yuneec 3DR H520-G

Yuneec 3DR H520-G

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E50 Camera [+$1,099.00]
E90 Camera [+$1,299.00]
CGOET Camera [+$1,799.00]
E10T16 Camera [+$5,449.00]
E10TV18 Camera [+$7,949.00]
E10T24 Camera [+$5,449.00]
E10TV24 Camera [+$7,949.00]
E10T34 Camera [+$4,999.00]
E10TV32 Camera [+$7,499.00]
E10T50 Camera [+$4,999.00]
E10TV50 Camera [+$7,499.00]
Lighting Solutions
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Lume Cube Light Kit [+$135.00]
Foxfury RUGO Light Kit [+$209.00]
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One Additional Battery [+$199.00]
Two Additional Batteries [+$398.00]
Additional Propellers
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Weatherproof Hardcase
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Black Weatherproof Hardcase [+$349.00]
Orange Weatherproof Hardcase [+$349.00]
Drone Service Plans
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Bronze 1 Year [+$359.00]
Silver 1 Year [+$629.00]
Gold 1 Year [+$1,169.00]
Platinum 1 Year [+$1,709.00]
Bronze 2 Year [+$539.00]
Silver 2 Year [+$989.00]
Gold 2 Year [+$1,439.00]
Platinum 2 Year [+$2,249.00]
Service Plans
The complete UAS solution for U.S. government projects - the Yuneec 3DR H520-G commercial hexacopter is perfect for secure data capture on construction, engineering, and public safety projects. The Yuneec H520-G is a small, robust hexacopter that works exclusively with 3DR Site Scan and Site Scan Esri Edition. The Yuneec H520-G includes retractable landing gear that give you a 360 degree view with best-in-class data security for sensitive projects, including for U.S. government work.

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