Yuneec H520
Inguity® XR Micro HexDrone - Worlds Smallest Hexacopter

Inguity® XR Micro HexDrone - Worlds Smallest Hexacopter

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Exclusively from Ingenious Ingenuity. Introducing the Inguity® XR Micro HexDrone. This deceptively robust and highly agile Drone is the Worlds Smallest Hexacopter. It features an assortment of highly advanced sensors and onboard processors to enhance flight characteristics enabling flight aerobatics typically only available on more expensive and larger Drones.

The miniature coreless motors provide continuous power from the LiPo battery to ensure ample power is available during high stakes maneuvers and aerial acrobatics. Impress your friends, family and/or coworkers with masterful 3D Flips and Y-Axis spins.

The high strength polymer construction is reinforced with strategically placed structural screws to provide added rigidity and durability. This ensures recoverability when your high speed maneuvers cause your Drone to collide with floors, ceilings, trees, walls and other objects that would cause other Drones to have a one way trip to the landfill.

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