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Inguity® Max Speed - Personal 3D Stunt Micro Drone

Inguity® Max Speed - Personal 3D Stunt Micro Drone

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Introducing the Inguity® Max Speed - Personal 3D Stunt Micro Drone from Ingenious Ingenuity. This brand new design comes with new flight capabilities that are unmatched by other drones. You can now bank tighter turns and accelerate into the skies even faster! This drone was built for speed and excitement, but it still has incredible stability and control. Use in low sensitivity mode as a beginner and then graduate to high sensitivity and really see what it's capable of! From the moment you first take off, the Inguity® Max Speed will deliver the results you're looking for.

If you've ever piloted a drone before, you know that it can be frustrating to not have the control over navigation that you desire. This can be especially challenging in the wind. With the Inguity® Max Speed, you can pitch at angles greater than 45 degrees which can be a crucial feature when battling the wind. No pilot wants to see his aircraft get carried away by a gust of wind, with the Max Speed, you won't have to.

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