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Cheerson CX Stars - Nano Drone

Cheerson CX Stars - Nano Drone

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The CX-Stars from Cheerson is without a doubt the smallest drone ever manufactured. It measures in at an astounding 3.5cm x 2.2cm (1.37" x 0.87") but includes all the electronics of the bigger models. It balances with gyroscopes and accelerometers maintaining unbelievable stability despite its miniature size. Slip the CX-Stars Drone into the remote and slide both into your pocket, anywhere is a perfect spot to fly with this nano drone. Available in 4 different colors making it perfect for gifts. With its 2.4GHz transmitter up to 4 units can be paired and flown simultaneously.

The micro drone is manufactured to withstand bumps and falls common for new operators. The blades will bend to absorb crash damage preventing the body of the unit from harm. When deformed due to a crash, simply bend back to an optimal shape and the Drone will fly like new. Its nimble flying ability is a joy for experts and enthusiasts but the simple controls and intuitive flying characteristics make it perfect for beginners as well.

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