Yuneec CGOET Thermal Camera

Certified Repairs and Services

Authorized Service Center

Tired of the slow turn around from Yuneec? We are now an authorized service center. We trained direct with Yuneec's lead technician at their US headquarters in Ontario, CA. We have the tools, software, parts availability and trained technicians to ensure a quick turnaround.

What do we service?

- Typhoon H
- Typhoon Q500+, 4k
- Breeze

- CGO2
- CGO3
- CGO3+

- ST 10+
- ST 16 (Both Versions)

Service Times?

Anticipated service times will generally be 3-5 business days but may vary based on parts availability (we try to keep everything in stock but Yuneec occasionally has shortages).


Repairs are charged at $50/hour plus shipping and retail cost of parts. A full tear down and rebuild of a Typhoon H (Not CGO3+) will be charged at 4 hours. Other repairs would be less. 

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